Plant Engineering

I was in the Uni bookshop the other day, had a check of their small sales table (they used to have awesome sales), and the layout of one particular cover leapt out at me.  It was the Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering.

Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering

Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering

Published in the same collection as the book I call the Mechanical Engineer’s bible: the Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations.

Intrigued, I picked it up, and checked the price.  Original price, $350.  Sale price, $15.  It is still available (current edition) through normal retailers (online) for between $100 and $300.  Be one hell of a bargain if it was of any actual interest to me.  So I started to have a look, and within just a few random page choices, it was no longer a question of whether I was interested, it was whether I was going to be able to get it to the counter before trying to read it cover to cover.  At around 1100 pages, that wasn’t really a risk!

It includes sections on in-plant prime power generation and cogeneration; heating, ventilating and air conditioning; water sources, use and disposition; mechanical power transmission; instrumentation and automatic control; pollution control and waste disposal; plant safety and sanitation; Energy conservation; and, lubricants and lubrication systems.  Well that is the official blurb.

In practice, there are sections about chains and gears, gear types, identifying wear and tear; pipes, including insulating them; corrosion control of different materials (concrete, steel, plastic, wood) and on and on. Now before I go on about it too much, I’m sure most are already bored, I’ll stop.

It was a cool find, in my opinion at least.

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