Router Bit Storage

This is a screenshot from a Highland Woodworker video that the Roving Reporter suggested I look at – given my collection of router bits (and the ever increasing number of Amana Tool bits I have been adding from, my original router bit storage is groaning under the load.

A cabinet along the lines of this one seems would be an ideal solution – like a large version of my Triton Routerbit POS display I have been using, this not only openly displays the bits, but also protects them from having too much dust build up.

Seems like a great project for the new woodshop!

Router Bit Storage

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  1. Stu’ talking of your new shop, how is it going, is it past the planning stage?
    I look forward to seeing you in the shop and more of your videos, I have missed them


  2. would take up a lot of real estate – having the bits end on would save space

  3. Stu, perhaps think about this design in four parts though. Same concept except four quadrants. This makes them more portable if you need to work outside or at a mate’s house for instance.

    • Portability of the cabinet is not something I need, but I’d adopt the concept that was in the original Triton cabinet – each router bit is actually in a separate wedge, so you can lift each router bit out still in the holder. You can then have a carrier that each piece fits into. Make the router bits portable, and keeps them safe (not banging into each other, or able to roll onto the floor).


      I want the cabinet to have doors – the Triton cabinet was designed as an in-shop display, so the router bits were locked behind a perspex screen, so I could not use it conveniently.

      Perhaps I should turn the original cabinet into an old tool storage – display rather than use. Hmm – like that idea. Preserves a bit of Triton history, provides a display, and I don’t have to get rid of a cabinet that is no longer large enough for its original purpose.

  4. Though I’m not a fan of Greene & Greene, I really like the router cabinet in William Ng’s shop. You can see it in the background in the picture in the link — — and another view — — If I ever get my shop up and running, I’d like to build something similar, only smaller no doubt.

    • Yes Nick, the cupboard for the router bits is pretty good, I reckon the clamp rack is not bad either, that is a good collection!


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