Navel Gazing

Had a few quiet days – result of the long pause in progress on the shed.  There has been some promising indicators that a solution is close, but just not locked in sufficiently yet.

I have been playing a bit more with the GoPro – looking forward to having a new environment to work out of, as I have been getting some ideas about how to add dimension to the videos – looking forward to getting back to them as well!

I am arranging some better lighting, which will help with the high speed and closeup shots particularly.  Also think I have overall lighting for the shed sorted as well.

Have been offered a girder trolley with a chain hoist, and the I beam it is running on.  Only problem is, the I beam alone weighs around a tonne (if not 2 or 3!).  No idea if a shed could withstand that sort of weight, let alone the weight of what I am lifting added on.  The cost of getting it home, and installed would be well above that one I saw in Hare and Forbes recently.  Hard to pass up though – great old machinery.  What is it with new stuff?  Too much plastic and thin section.

Did try to do a bit of turning on the weekend (using the blank videoed earlier), but I have, once again, forgotten everything about turning.  Time to watch all the videos etc I can again, see if I can’t remember just a little.  It may be like riding a bike, but if you’d never worked out how to do that properly in the first place, there isn’t any inherent memory to rely on.  You can fudge it on a bike, but lathe chisels are a bit sharp for that!

Thought again about a wood turning club, but on the website, the view showed a whole bunch of blokes sitting around listening to some presentation.  What I want is a regular gathering of turners, who are there to turn wood, not to be edutained.

Which brings me around once again to the shed.  When it is finally in place, perhaps I would finally have somewhere sufficient to have a few people (and their lathes) around for a bit of sawdust generation.

Anyway, as I suggested in the title, just a bit of navel gazing.

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