Rockem Sockem

Anyone seen the construction on the corner of Springvale Road and Cheltenham Road?  Looks to be a brand new Masters, directly across from a major Bunnings store.

Talk about taking it to your competition.  An interesting game to play, not sure who the winner is in the area.  Certainly not either store, and not even the locals.  A game without winners is like playing chess with a sledgehammer.



The GoPro camera range is relatively new on the market, part of the wave of cameras made possible by developments in digital technology. They are normally associated with the sporting world, providing POV (short for 1st person point of view) shots, and equipment/vehicle-mounted shots and views.

I have decided to add one to the lineup, to provide some interesting and unique views to the shed videos. There are a few drivers for this- one being the upcoming shed build, which I want to capture in a series of time-lapse shots which is one of the strong points of this camera. It is very light (and small), so some different viewpoints are a lot more achievable, as well as being extremely weather-proof. It can operate up to 60m deep in water, so a bit of rain will not phase it in the slightest.


I would have absolutely killed for a camera like this back when I was heavily into diving, and to provide some really interesting perspectives on the ships I served in the Navy. While directly involved in damage control (fire fighting, flood control etc), and various evolutions (refuelling at sea, equipment maintenance (such as inside the ship’s boilers), it would have been an awesome device.

Another driver was where I have been looking at the ability to capture high speed footage. My normal video captures at 25 fps (frames per second), which means slowing the footage down immediately becomes choppy. A dedicated high speed camera is around $17k, so that is out of the question. However, this camera can manage up to 240 fps at its highest rate (low res, but still fine for web-based), and 100-120 fps for high def video. Slowing an event down 10 fold is now possible.


The camera shoots high definition video, as well as 12MP stills (and those can be up to 30 images/sec). I’m going to use it to provide some unique views and POV shots and angles.

I’ve picked up the camera early so I can get some experience with it. Have had it mounted in the car for some tests, and have already captured videos of cars reversing up Eastlink to a missed turn, a car using a footpath to get into a service station, another car skidding around a corner (idiot), powering on and loosing control. 3 trips, 3 idiots.

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