Creating Sawdust

After yesterday’s post, I decided to see just what I could do about it, even if in a very limited way.  One of the ideas was the computer-controlled side of woodworking – laser or CNC, but neither are particularly affordable.

Dropped into Carbatec, if nothing else than to have a bit of a tool-fix.  Picked up (as in literally, rather than purchased!) some Festool tools, such as the XL Domino and the TS55, played with the Kapex for a few secs.  I know, desperate stuff.  I might see if Carbatec would be interested in lending me a machine for a while – be a good way to experience the CNC Shark (or similar).

Chatted with the manager for a bit, who remembered some kits from one of their recent open days – for a bow saw they had made one Saturday of which they still had a spare.  That’ll keep me out of trouble for a little bit.

So this evening, I went into the garage, and after a spot of mountaineering was able to uncover enough of my woodturning tools to be able to do some pen turning.  About the only thing I couldn’t uncover was my pen mill.  I also can’t get to the drill press, so blanks have to be pre-drilled, and I still have some left over from Carrolls Woodcraft – some purple heart blanks from the Ballarat wood show in 2012.

Found an extension cord, and got the Nova DVR powered up.  Boy, is it a quiet machine!  I know I haven’t found everything, because other than the pen mill, the Nova Titan chuck is still MIA, as is the tailstock for the Nova Comet II.  I know they are in another box, as they were in a different part of the shed during the mad pack.  I wasn’t too worried about that at the time, but then I wasn’t expecting to be shedless even for this long.  They will resurface, just not at the present.

Made a little sawdust – have obviously forgotten everything (again), especially all the techniques Robbo showed me, so I was back scraping instead of cutting, but at least good timber was being reduced to shavings and scrapings.  It is a start at least.

Photo 25-05-13 21 45 20

There isn’t much room, trip hazards everywhere, tools lost in the detritus.  I feel right at home!

Thanks to the Woodwork Forums

I was pretty sick a bit over a year ago with Bells Palsy, and at the time I didn’t realise that there was a thread started on the Woodwork forums wishing me well.

I just tried replying to the thread, but as it is too old, I couldn’t.  So instead, I’ll say it here.  Thanks guys – I’m touched.  Sorry I didn’t see the thread before now, but I still appreciate the gesture.

FWIW, recovery has been about 90%, so pretty fortunate all up.  An interesting experience, and the couple of MRIs didn’t find any concerns, and actually found there was a brain in there somewhere!

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