Shed Life in a Shedless World

Have to admit, the last few of months have proven quite difficult, with the previous shed’s doors being closed, and new ones yet to be built, let alone open.  Approaching 3 months of a shedless life, and there are at least 2 more to go at this stage, with plans yet to be finalised for a replacement.  You know it is impacting, when I was even dreaming last night about using a shoulder plane to make a dado in purpleheart (it was a dream, didn’t have to make sense!)

I am hoping to have a definite way forward locked in very shortly (need it for my own sanity!), and then I will have a much better idea of timelines.  It is pretty much guaranteed at this point, that Stu’s Shed will still be shedless on the 6th anniversary of the website, which is rapidly approaching, which is a bummer.

In the meantime, I will have to come up with a way to continue to function – I have my Nova DVR lathe close enough to the side of the pile to at least be able to access it, so some sawdust creation might help blow the cobwebs away.  I’m also looking into some ideas for adding an extra dimension to podcasts/videos.  Some exploratory work to do, including sourcing some new technology.  One word…… GoPro.


4 Responses

  1. Stu I thought the Gopro are more a mobile style of camera for sports people instead of a fixed style that you would need ?

    • That is correct, and I have a couple of ‘standard’ high definition video cameras I use in that way. The GoPro is something different – is capable of 120fps, and also easy timelapse, both of which I am interested in incorporating into some of the shots.

      Would prefer a ‘real’ high speed camera, but there is a bit of a price difference ($410 vs $17000)

      It is small and light enough to be used on a mobile platform on a rail – something else I am interested in trying (especially coupled with timelapse).

  2. Gopro’s also have bluetooth which means wireless streaming of video to monitor. Not sure if you can stream bluetooth to HD though.

    • Certainly has some pretty cool features! Think it actually is WiFi, and can be viewed (and controlled) remotely via iPhone/iPad

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