Continuing the design process

Working with the Shed A design, I have played around with the proportions, and have come up with a design that increases the floor area from 48m2 to 50.5m2, plus the triangular addition for a total of 55m2 (not counting any mezzanine).  The mezzanine would have its floor at around 3m up, so would only provide storage, not working space.  Even so, that storage area would be another 22m2.  Along with a drop-down stair, it would also need some form of basic hoist to lift machinery up through a trapdoor (presumably nothing over about 50kg). Of course, could go the old school method and have the hoist on the outside at the top-centre, through an upper door, but that would be more trouble than it is worth!


This photoshopped image isn’t to scale, but it gives a bit of an idea, particularly around the back.


Click on the image to see a larger version.

As far as designs go, this one isn’t too bad to my mind.  The diagonal section runs along the fenceline, the long side on the right runs along the easement.  The easement itself can still be a timber storage, and somewhere to park the trailer.

(For those playing at home, this is the original image that I photoshopped.  I wasn’t aiming for perfection, just a reasonable photo-like result.)


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