I never realised

I have just arranged for those pulleys to be couriered from Sydney to Melbourne, and the price range is phenomenal when you get quotes.

One company had quoted online for about $40 (but I couldn’t find their website again – forgot just what Google search I’d used, dang it!)

I then got another online quote (was around $60) through a company that uses one of the main courier/freight companies.  Thought I’d just check with that freight/courier company directly how much they’d charge, and the quote came back at almost 3x the price. ($158)

Rather bemused, I didn’t proceed, and did some more online checks, and again got figures much closer to the $60.  So I rang up again, and with exactly the same details, they then quoted $170.

What sort of rip-off bull is the courier industry running?

I did challenge them on the price – they had no answer why they cannot quote the same amount twice in a row, and their answer about the cost difference ($59 vs $170) is because I am not a regular customer.

Seriously?  How about any other industry that treated their customers the same way?  Go into McDonalds and a regular pays $5 for a Big Mac, and a non-regular is expected to pay $15?  How about Australia Post – post a letter regularly and it is $0.50, but if it is once in a blue moon, $1.50?

I can understand some variance for customer loyalty, and regular purchasers of a service, but to sting a non-regular for so much seems criminal – the price obviously has no reflection on the actual cost to conduct that business.  The distance is the same, the parcel is the same size and weight, fuel is the same, driver time is the same.  Sure, give regulars a discount, but charging a non regular 3 times the price is like saying “sure, we will deliver your parcel, but we are not interested in you, or your business.  If you want to send it anyway, here’s some bullsh*t price you can either accept or not, either way, we don’t care about you”.

So thanks.  I’ll remember that next time I am looking to do business, or establishing a long-term business relationship in the future.

5 Responses

  1. It’s known as Jackie.

  2. It sounds a bit like car hire. Yesterday I checked the price for a three day hire though one of the larger car hire companies website. Then I checked their “special deals” I clicked on the deal that was offering 30% off the damage waiver, then filled out the same details as the previous quote. The price that came back didn’t include the damage waiver but was higher than the previous price. To double check I tried again without the “special deal” and it came back lower again. It looks as if you want the “special deal” on the damage waiver they take that discount and increase the rental price by the same.

  3. Name and shame boet.

    • My sentiments exactly. Name and shame them. If you let it go they will only continue. Even if you name them they will probably continue, however, other bunnies like us might get the opportunity to avoid them

  4. Yep. I’ve had the same experience. Crazy.

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