Well that is disappointing @kregtoolcompany

I am a definite fan of Kreg, of their Pockethole Jig, of their other tools and accessories (and would welcome more in the workshop).


I was in Carbatec last night, having a bit of a chat, and we got onto the Kreg screws that came in my new Kreg container. These are the ones that are the bastard child of the Robertson screw and Phillips screw. I hate them. They cam out easily. They fall off the end of the square drive. They have wrecked all the advantages of the Robertson screw head, and gained nothing.

But I was hoping it was some random supplier not providing the standard Kreg screw.

On the shelves in Carbatec are new boxes, all Kreg, and all filled with these new screws. I am so disappointed. I will definitely be purchasing some of the big boxes of the old screws before they become unavailable. Then, I will switch to a supplier of Robertson screws that haven’t been compromised with a Phillips head.

On the Kreg website they still show the old heads, and make a big deal about how they don’t cam out etc, which is one of the massive advantages of the original ones. I don’t understand why they have decided to drop that engineering philosophy. I have been exclusively using the new ones recently, attempting to use them up as fast as possible, and they have been falling off the driver, and regularly suffering from cam out (that is when the driver disengages from the head of the screw and spins on the surface, burring screw and drive head alike). They have already wrecked one of my Kreg drivers.

Please Kreg – can we ditch these new ones and return to the tried and true? Please?

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  1. It’s ‘Robertson’ actually …

  2. Have you gone to the Kreg web site and told them? In the past they have been good about customer concerns, but if bean counters have ‘taken over’ then any whines by customers may fall on deaf ears.

  3. Hi Stu
    Sent the following email to Kreg in the hope that it will do some good:

    To whom it may concern
    I write to express my grave concerns regarding an apparent change in the engineering of the Kreg screws.
    I began to see new supplies of your screws, appearing at my local supplier, based on a hybrid Robertson/Phillips Head design.
    Following an evaluation to see if this was an improvement, I regret to advise, that I find these new design screws, far from satisfactory.
    Issues include: falling off the driver, camming out and damage to the driver bits.
    After discussing the above with a number of my friends (also Kreg users) & noting adverse comments beginning to appear on many of the woodworking blogs & forums, I subscribe to, it appears I’m not alone in my opinion of the new product.
    As an appreciative owner/user of several of your products and looking to acquire more, I urge you to reconsider continuing with this new screw type, as I, along with many others, would be forced to source our screws from alternative suppliers, once our supplies of the original design screws run out.
    I’ve sent this email to provide constructive criticism only, as I find all other aspects of your products to be innovative, well designed & user friendly.
    Thank you & best regards
    Peter Baxter

    I suppose we’ve always got Screw-it-screws in Knoxfield, despite the cost.

  4. I’m annoyed that they cannot use Torx instead of all this other rubbish.

  5. There is no shortage of Robertson screws in Canada. They are the preferred screw for wood, sheet metal and quite a few electrical applications and they were invented by a Canadian. Our local Home Hardware has them in bulk, buy as many or as few as you need. The “unisex” screw (robbie/phillips) is in use here for exports to the US and it is a poorly designed compromise. I’ve had the same crop of tapered square drive apex bits going for many years. They don’t strip

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