Stuffed it up!

So there I was, trying to work out the plans for the shed, and things were just not working as well as I expected, and I put it down to the fact the components I was working with on the Grizzly Planner were not to the same size (scaled) as I needed them to be.

But then I tried a major rearrangement, putting the tablesaw down the back of the proposed shed, and couldn’t get it to fit.  Shouldn’t I have a metre clearance?  So I checked my dimensions.  Then checked them again.  And I finally got it.  The shed was drawn completely the wrong size.  The problem with working in feet & inches, is I don’t know what 96″ looks like (or whatever).  It is not intuitive to me, having primarily worked in metric.

So I then redrew the shed to the right size, and then tried placing in the tools.  Everything looked completely wrong – all the tools have just too much room.  How can that be?  Checked.  Double checked.  I think it is right. WHOA!  Awesome!


This wasn’t a serious effort at tool layout – couldn’t get over how much room there was.  This fits all the tools, and still space for more that I hadn’t included in the initial planning from the previous shed.  And there is still the mezzanine 🙂

Some really interesting progress on the shed front – hope to have an update around the end of the week (or there abouts).

3 Responses

  1. Stu…

    Looks like this will be a step up from the shed you built at the former place in terms of total square footage. It’s too bad you can’t just build on the diagonal to eliminate the wasted space near the fence on the left of the shed. Are you planning on pouring a slab for this?

    BTW, you might want to have a peek at the following for some shed building inspiration 😉…..

    • That sure is a stunning effort! Love the photoshopping later in the thread- very cheeky.

      I’ve obviously headed down the wrong path- sounds like I need advice from this guy.

      I was definitely planning on a slab, but after seeing that effort, who needs one!

  2. Sorry, what? You’re tools have TOO much room???

    I look forward to seeing future progress on this! 🙂

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