Locating the shed on the block

shed2This is an attempt to locate the shed on the block to scale.  Not quite sure if I managed it – think it might be a little larger than as seen here, but it is close enough.

The design leaves the two dead areas (in red), although I definitely plan to use the triangular section for the dust extractor and air compressor, and some timber storage.  The other is less critical – possibly just drop a garden shed on it.  The right side of the shed has the 2 metre easement.  May be restrictive in some ways, but I will be able to use it in one way or another.

Stuffed it up!

So there I was, trying to work out the plans for the shed, and things were just not working as well as I expected, and I put it down to the fact the components I was working with on the Grizzly Planner were not to the same size (scaled) as I needed them to be.

But then I tried a major rearrangement, putting the tablesaw down the back of the proposed shed, and couldn’t get it to fit.  Shouldn’t I have a metre clearance?  So I checked my dimensions.  Then checked them again.  And I finally got it.  The shed was drawn completely the wrong size.  The problem with working in feet & inches, is I don’t know what 96″ looks like (or whatever).  It is not intuitive to me, having primarily worked in metric.

So I then redrew the shed to the right size, and then tried placing in the tools.  Everything looked completely wrong – all the tools have just too much room.  How can that be?  Checked.  Double checked.  I think it is right. WHOA!  Awesome!


This wasn’t a serious effort at tool layout – couldn’t get over how much room there was.  This fits all the tools, and still space for more that I hadn’t included in the initial planning from the previous shed.  And there is still the mezzanine 🙂

Some really interesting progress on the shed front – hope to have an update around the end of the week (or there abouts).

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