Went on a roadtrip yesterday to see the ‘superstore’ of a shed manufacturer.  Disappointing – they do not make anything but very standard sheds, and best they could do was design one that involved putting two of their normal sheds together, that would result in a post right in the middle of the largest working area.  Disappointing too – despite the simplicity of 2 basic sheds, it was in the same ballpark as the one in the earlier post (and that is with a 20% discount this company is currently offering!)

As a distraction, I dropped into Hare & Forbes which was just around the corner.



A massive collection of machines – very impressive.  Woodwork & metalwork machines.  Some awesome industry-sized machines.  Drool.


Found one thing that I am very keen to have in the shed.  I was looking at how to fit in an I beam for a chain hoist, but that doesn’t have a lot of versatility (being linear only).  This stand can lift and move along an I beam, and is wheeled to boot, so you can position the hoist where you need it.  It looks awesome, and a real back-saver.

I have the chain hoist already, so along with this mobile rail, I only need the carriage.  Would be great if I had one of the MLAY 1000×3 from MagSwitch – that would really cap the whole combination off!


Don’t even know if these are in Australia!  Very cool though – imagine swinging my tablesaw around the workshop!

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  1. not sure if basic steel is in your state but check them out.

    We had a 19x4x3m shed built for about $7k installed with roller door.

  2. i would be looking at building the shed your self.
    you have all the tools
    simple 6×2 load bearing stud walls with double headder and sole plates all around would be easy to build . cover the outside in osb or ply and shingles or galvinise
    the roof woiuldnt be that dificult once you got started.
    im sure you could save a lot of money building it your self

    • I don’t disagree with you Alan, and will look into it further. There are some other considerations which I need to factor in- being very time-poor for one. Access to tools is minimal- they are tightly packed (although this can be resolved!). We are likely to move again- this isn’t a 10 acre block in Tasmania 🙄 who knows what we will do in the future, and the other type of shed can be relocated. I may choose not to, but it would be an available option.

      Time is the real limiting factor though.

      • time to do it is one of the main problems. sometimes it is better to pay out to get it done faster
        moving again does put a limit on what you can afford to leave behind

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