A Bandaid

With the shed gone, and everything in deep storage (as in 6′ deep!), it is making even simple tasks difficult- knowing what tools are still available, and knowing the majority are not.

As I had the removalists emptying their truck on Good Friday, I did choose a couple of tool positions specifically with the concept of retaining access in mind.

The Jet bandsaw, and the Nova DVR lathe.

The Jet Bandsaw is a classic, and commercially has recently been upgraded to being their Gold Series model. Not sure how that differs from the model I have- pretty close, if not the same, except mine still has the extra resaw capacity.

No question, it is an awesome bandsaw. Lots of cast iron (strength, and vibration absorption). Mine has the quick release on the blade tension, and the additional 6″ riser to give it a full 12″ resaw. That is an upgrade worth its weight in gold. Surprised the “Gold Series” model doesn’t include it automatically!

Mine also came with a mitre gauge and fence. Neither survived, as if I need a mitre gauge, I’ll use the Incra Mitre Gauge. If I need a fence, it is MagSwitch all the way!

The Jet has been in storage for a little over 2 years, so this is the first time I have used it since then. I knew I kept it for a reason. Love that bandsaw- quality stuff 🙂


As you can see in the background, I meant it when I said everything is stored! No idea how I’m going to get organised again. One step at a time.

Downcast (not me though!)

A few years ago there was a new website that was starting up, called Howcast.  They had short videos like “how to dance like a stripper”, “how to cook scrambled eggs” etc etc.  They were looking to get some more (legitimate?) content, so amongst others (I’m sure), they contacted me on a number of occasions asking to allow them to cross-post my videos on their site.

I finally relented, and they set up an automatic method for videos I produced to also be transferred across to a “Stu’s Shed” channel on their site.

You may remember my link on the right. howcast1

Seems that they have gotten where they want in the market, and so, without a word of acknowledgement or thanks, have dropped those who they originally approached to assist with their startup.


No skin off my nose, just think there are better ways to do business.

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