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  1. The exhibitor list for the Sydney event doesn’t excite:


    Then I noticed it’s sponsored by, wait for it, Manspace Magazine!


  2. OMG. I went to the Rose Hill Metal and Wood show or should I say the Craft show. What a waste of time and $16.
    I took time off work and was prepared to go and spend a few dollars. I got there and had trouble finding a parking spot and thought that it must be good inside as there were so many cars.
    I paid my $16 entry fee and started to look for the timber and tools.
    After walking around for close to an hour getting around all the ladies around the craft section and getting a little annoyed I finally found the metal and wood section. I spent the next 20 mins looking through the timber side of things and that was probably to long as there was hardly any exhibitors there. Trend had the biggest presence and spent a little money there.
    I then went and got something to eat and noticed a group of guys that looked like woodies so started up a conversation. After a bit of chit chat I discovered that they were all sitting there waiting for their wives who where in the craft section. They had come to the show with the thought that the could spend the day looking at the timber side of the show while their wives spent the day in the craft side and at the same time earning points with the misses by spending the day out with them.
    I felt sorry for the poor buggers as I was able to leave and not have to sit and wait board out of my mind.
    All in all a sorry excuse for a wood show with patrons and exhibitors not very happy.

    I cant believe the above with the organiser stating that they are going to do a show in Melbourne.
    Yes competition is healthy but these guys are only doing harm to the woodies who want to go to a real wood show and not a craft show with a pimple on its side.

    Very disappointed.

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