It has begun!

After two solid weeks of painting, cleaning, rubbish clearing etc, I got into the shed on the final day before returning to work (on Sunday) to begin the great pack.

8 boxes later, and you could not see any difference at all.  So on Tuesday night, I tried again and got another 8 boxes packed, and still – hard to see where it all has come from – just an inkling in one corner that something might be happening.

This is going to be an “interesting” experience.

I had a removalist company out to quote on moving the house and shed contents, and the price came in at  (drumroll please), $6200. So that put paid to that idea.  I would rather put $6k into the construction of the new shed (that’d get the electricals well sorted and then some, or pay for much of the slab etc etc).  For that sort of money, I could buy a really good trailer ($2k), and a pallet truck ($400) and still have heaps left over.  If I had that sort of loose change, I could get a pretty awesome setup of Festool!

So onto plan B.  Doing it ourselves.  It may be hard work, but I will be able to remind myself at every step that this effort is saving us a significant penny.

The shed pack will take a bit to get through the place, but with regular trips out there, it should move on at a pretty steady pace.  Now that I know I will be moving the contents, I can adjust my perception on how I am packing as well – more things can just be dealt with at the time rather than having to ensure that it is well packed 100% before the move date.

Still, I think there will be a bit of a shortage of storage boxes in the world by the time I’ve finished!

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