Seeing things

For the past year or so, I have been a subscriber to the mailer – nice to get something in the inbox that isn’t work related (or trying to sell me viagra!). They have a large collection of router and saw blades on offer, so I’m interested to see what they are wanting to promote.

Got an email tonight, on the Tambour Router bits – that ou may remember I have reviewed, and used, and documented through Stu’s Shed. After a few seconds, I looked a little closer, and thought there was something very familiar about the upper-right image. The router table ring looked very Incra-like, and the more I looked, the more it looked like my table.


So I went back to my original article, and sure enough – it is one of my photos šŸ™‚

Before you get the wrong impression, it is perfectly fine – and I already have an arrangement that means they are welcome to use relevant images of their products, nor do they have to tell me each time they do. If you look around their website, you will start to find articles and reviews I have written.

So rather cool – having an image used in that way, when they would have had heaps of others to choose from.

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