End of Days

The end is rapidly approaching for the current premises of Stu’s Shed – 5 weeks to go!

Getting nostalgic…and stressed each time I look out there. How am I going to relocate, how long is it going to take before I will be reestablished? I can be up and running in a basic sense, but it is getting the fine details right- the dust extraction, the power supply, lighting – all the things I have been fine tuning for years.

Probably what is causing the most stress is that there is no shed currently at the new location- the machines will become homeless in 34 days! It will have to be a combination of critical tools set up in the garage, and the rest (majority) heading off to a storage unit.


We will get there, and the journey will prove most interesting- a chance to do it all again, and apply the lessons learned in the past (and remembering what those lessens were!).

2 Responses

  1. I will be quite happy to look after / babysit any tools for you LOL.

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