The cost of success

Back in June 2010, I wrote about Jumbo Bags as an alternative to the traditional skip. Given that I am again in the market for a rubbish disposal solution (despite my efforts to clean up around the place over the years, there still seems to be a never-ending pile of rubbish to deal with).

There were definitely some advantages to the Jumbo Bag – the ‘skip’ can be stored in the shed for an indefinite period before being bought out for use. It had a capacity of 2 cubic metres, or 1.5 tonnes. With flexible sides, it may conform a little to the shape of the contents, but I haven’t used one in practice to know. You can take an indefinite period to fill the bag – no daily/weekly hire fees, and because you can place it on your property (check specific limitations, such as overhead clearance), no council fees, or blocked driveways.

The traditional skip on the other hand- solid- I have been known to climb on top and use my 100kgs to crush a load down (quite successfully too!), and although there is a limit of 150kg/cubic metre before a tip fee is added, I have not been charged extra in the past. They are booked for a specific period, and if you are organised for a rubbish cleanout, a 24 hour booking is plenty.

At the time (June 2010), a Jumbo Bag would cost you $35 or so, then a pickup would be $130, and you’d be given a replacement Jumbo Bag. Since then, Bunnings, Mitre10 and Masters all carry the bags, and I don’t know if this is cause and effect, but the pickup price is now $245, and you have to buy another bag separately, so total cost is $280. That is one substantial price hike.

A 2m tradition skip is still around $210 for 24 hours.

Other companies do offer the bag concept- Jims Skips for example, but I can’t seem to find a price online- you are expected to ring for a quote. Aussie Skip Bags have 1,2 and 3 cubic metre bags, costing $265 for a 2m (inc bag), but don’t seem to service Victoria (yet).

Mighty Bin in Perth offer 1, 2 and 3m bags- $189 for a 2m bag (inc bag)

Phil the Bag offer a 1.5m bag for $138 (inc bag), again Sydney only.

The Tuff Skip Bags don’t quote pickup price, and interestingly they have a “business for sale” sticker on their site, and you get their URL, as well as and URLs in the price (wonder if the site is old and should have been taken down already)

So some options around, but what it comes down to is a cost effective option is now quite expensive, for the sake of convenience.

So for me? I will check with the local council, who may still offer a discounted hard rubbish collection (bookable), was about $50 for a once/year option (over and above their annual collection), and otherwise, the traditional skip is my best (cheapest) option.

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  1. Yeh hi stu, mate I’m going through the same problem now with the jumbo bag, and when I rang for it to be collected, they stung me with that ridiculous price and there was no way that I was gonna take that price. So now I have this bag in my driveway which has been there for nearly a year, and I’m out of ideas in regards to getting it picked up, would you have any contacts or ideas regarding a company that would pick this bag up for a reasonable price, if so mate it would be much appreciated, so cheers mate, SQUIZZY. ( Werribee vic )

    • In the first instance, have a chat with your local council. Some have a service where you can book in a separate hard rubbish collection, either one for free, or for a nominal fee $50 or so.

      If you then explain that it is all already in a bag, they may just do that.

      Alternately, contact a cheap skip supplier and again discuss what you have, or at worst, transfer it to a normal skip.

      Another option is to find a mate with a ute and crane (or maneuver it into a trailer (block & tackle, or winch) and take it to the tip.

      There will be a way.

      Or pay the fee for Dumbo to take it, and give them holy hell on social media for their unreasonable charges, at least it will finally be gone

      • Yeh Gday stu,
        Thanks very much mate for ya reply, your advice is spot on, I’m givin me local council a call today and hopefully they can give me some good news, but if that goes south, I’ll try the next option, but I’ll keep in touch to let ya know how it all goes, so thanks again stu.
        Squizzy ( Werribee vic )

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