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  1. I like your braces!

  2. Hi Stu, Do you have a downloadable link (or are they now obsolete)? I prefer to stream to a large TV and snack while watchiong rather than crouching over a PC.

  3. Hi Stu. You mention table saw power as being important when choosing dado sets. Do you have a minimum recommended power rating for a table saw that has a dado capacity of approx 19mm? I have noticed a few table saws on the market rated at 1.5Hp with 19mm arbor capacity to fit dados. Do you think they could be a little underpowered?

    • Hi John

      Sorry about the delay. It is a matter of starting torque, moreso than power, but as that is never listed then the power rating is the one we go by. The other thing to keep in mind is different companies measure it differently, a way to change the outcome.

      The Triton router is one example. It is a 2400W router, so it is a 3 1/4 HP router. But in the EU, it is measured at 2200W (or is it 2000W?). Same router, same motor, so different customer reaction.

      In saying that, a 1.5HP motor is not a calculation error when compared to 3HP

      So is it underpowered? Yes. You may be able to get away with it (light dado set, has good starting torque), but I’d rather a saw with some grunt.

      • Thanks Stu. I suspected as much. There’s not much more frustrating than having a tool stall in the middle of a job!

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