Shed Move Part B

The second part of any move is of course the landing at the new location.  Fortunately, this move isn’t a great distance as far as the crow flies, so trips back and forth are not so much the issue.  There is a 6×6 garage at the new place, and although there will be multiple demands on this space, at least the tools will have somewhere to sit out of the rain!

However, that does not solve the biggest problem: the 3mx3m shed may have been big enough when I first started, but certainly isn’t now! (And a 3×3 wasn’t big enough then, but I still managed to have a Triton workbench, router table and GMC lathe all in the same space, and functional.  Guess I have never had enough floor area to be comfortable!)

Where it gets interesting, is where I want to put a new workshop.  The block is triangular, and in the photo, there is an easement along the top fenceline.

houseSo the existing shed is 3×3 as I mentioned, and the round shape in the middle at the top is the previous owner’s 15′ trampoline.

The challenge would be to come up with a shed design that suits the back corner, presumably backing up to and against the existing shed.  Not the ideal, but then the ideal would have been a 10 acre property with sheds galore.  This is what I have, and need to work out how to make it work.

The existing shed is 32m2, with a 9m2 shed containing overflow, extra timber storage and the air compressor and 2HP dust extractor.  That is the starting point, and obviously more space than I have currently would be rather useful, given how tight the existing shed has become!

I’m also curious to see if any shed manufacturer is interested in the challenge, especially with the shed being such a feature in every project.  Whatever happens, the development of a plan, and the realisation of that design will definitely be of interest to quite a few readers, myself included for obvious reasons!  Could easily get into ManSpace magazine as well, if the deal was good!

So here is where we start – a satellite view of a relatively empty block behind the house, and a small shed.  Let us see where this journey leads.

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