Shed Move Part A

I’m still in denial about the whole shed move.  It is bigger than Ben Hur.  Not only the dismantling and packing (that is relatively straightforward), but the two issues I really see are the moving of the large machines (simply getting them from the shed to the front of the house is a mission), and what happens at the other end (Part B!)

The rest of the shed pack is a matter of keeping things organised.  Dismantling the dust extraction system etc is all easy enough (go the power screwdrivers/ Festool CXS!), but even books do not pack neatly into a few boxes, so I can’t begin to imagine how many boxes the shed will take (and just how much out there won’t fit a standard box!).

I also have the plan (desire) to keep the shed functional until the last minute – something about keeping a certain website running 🙂

Anyone been through a significant shed move before?  How did you manage the process, or was it a matter of chaos in, chaos out?

As someone recently suggested, I am expecting to discover some tools that I have forgotten I had, timbers I have lost track of, items I have been needing and not been able to find, and all the other mysteries of shed life, and those shed gremlins and their hiding spots.  No doubt the shed gremlins will also be hard at work during the establishment of the new shed, and some things will struggle to make a reappearance at the other end.

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