I guess we survived the end of the world then.

To all those who (through various forums) have wished me a Happy New Year, thank you, and please accept this as a sincere reciprocation, even if I haven’t done so directly.  And a Happy New Year to everyone else out there – readers and visitors to Stu’s Shed!

WordPress published its annual (basic) summary of the website again: for 2012 there were 330000 direct visitors (in addition to all those who get the website content through RSS feeds, email subscription, Facebook, Twitter etc etc).  With over 1000 subscribers, the real number of visitors to the site is in the order of 1/2 a million for the year (conservatively).  The majority of visitors were from Australia, the USA and the UK.  Coverage was still pretty impressive – 187 countries.  With the total number in the world being 196 (as the most popular count), this means Stu’s Shed was read in over 95% of countries worldwide.

There were 288 posts in 2012, so I have dropped off from the 1/day average, something I hope to correct this year.  I managed it a couple of years ago, and although it was quite a bit of work, it was also very rewarding.  There are some challenges this year as you know, but I am hopeful to get closer to this ideal again.  I also want to continue to boost the number of videos this year, so given it is 1/1, I have already filmed one today, ready for editing!

There have been plenty of comments, unfortunately mostly spam.  At least all that gets automagically trashed.  Of the rest, the top 5 commenters are Ian, Dennis, Alan, Lindz and Lazy Larry. Pete wasn’t far behind.  Thanks for being such active participants!

2013 –  Lots more posts: who knows where the posts will lead!

I can be pretty sure of one thing – at least a few of those posts will be about setting up a new workshop!

So roll on 2013, and onto Stu’s Shed’s 6th birthday.  This year will see the 2 millionth direct visitor (if we are lucky), 2500th post, and loads more.




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