Success, and failure- quick update

It’s late. Like 2:20am and I have finally finished wrapping presents, drinking Santa’s Drambuie, eating his mince tart and biting reindeer-sized chunks out of the carrot.

The first year, I took a boot, rubbed it in the fireplace soot and stamped a footprint or two. Note to self- not the greatest idea! The footprint was mostly gone by the following Xmas.

Around 1am, I had surprised myself, and had finished the kitchen (well, not finished, but still at. Stage I was happy with). I had screwed the knobs on, glued handles on and had hung the final door with wooden hinges I had just finished.

While lifting the unit (which weights a lot being solid hardwood construction!), it was too heavy for me in my tired state, and at one point while exiting the shed, I watched in slow motion as the door swung open too fast, hit the stop point of the hinges, which exploded into toothpicks.


At least the glue hadn’t dried, but what a pain. Oh well, easily fixed.

In the meantime, the kitchen is wrapped and ready for the big day,


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