Oven Rack

Didn’t get a great deal of time over the weekend to really progress things – still a few hours meant things still moved forward.

Got to the end of the weekend, and realised that where I had mock-assembled the stove, it would have been better if I had mock-assembled the sink unit.  Just looked at it with (slightly) fresher eyes, and wondered how the sink will install when I have put a dovetail drawer in the way!  Oops.  Not hard to fix – but a bit of wasted effort making the second drawer that is now not needed.


Grills and Drawers

The drawer now has the front attached – still needs a handle, but that is a minor issue.  I also had time to produce a shelf for the dishwasher, and the oven.  This is my interpretation of a wire tray, produced on the router table with a straight bit, cutting 1/2 way through.


The Blowfly Flap Sander

There was a bit of feathering, so I wanted a way to clean it up without too much fuss.  Decided a flap sander would be an effective method, so got out the Blowfly from T & T Design.  By cutting each finger of the flap sander into three, I had something that would really get into the grooves.  Mounted in a drill, it made pretty short work of the issue.

Still need to make the mount for the grill – will end up being a C shaped piece of timber all around, adding some strength to the shelf (especially as it is about 6 lengths glued together).


Adding the First Side

Finally got to the point that I thought I could start attaching the sides without causing any access issues.  Still have to resort to cheap clamps – don’t have enough decent ones!

So that is where the project ended up at the end of the weekend.  Having a side attached will make quite a difference – makes one feel like the end is in sight.


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