The Dishwasher

I’m not going to go into the technique to produce a tambour again – that is covered on this site already (and the latest copy of ManSpace, due in the new year).

I’m using the Amana Tool Tambour Bit Set, from


Tambour Bit Set from

A great set, which produces an awesome result.


Now that is a tambour!

It is a pretty cool, flexible piece (of timber).  It is quite a bit wider than required, leaving me with plenty of capacity to get it to the right size (width).  Getting the right length is even easier….just remove slats


Routing the track

After gluing a few pieces of timber together to create what will become the track for the tambour door, a piece of MDF cut to the path of the track is attached with carpet tape.  The router with a template guide and straight bit then follows around the edge to cut the required track.


Checking the track

The track is temporarily clamped in position, and the tambour door inserted to check for fit, and how well runs.  A couple of adjustments to the width of the tambour had it running well.  The track is still to be sanded, and I will wax it to make it work even better.


Rear of door

The track is in place, and I have probably used a few more slats than necessary, but it will be fine that way – no gaps.


Tambour Door

The finished door, ready for the track to be glued up.  It is to be the dishwasher – more of an industrial version.  Still have a shelf to add, and a spinning jet arm.  Came up really well though – very pleasing.

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  1. any chance you could use larger photos when they are clicked? I like to see some of the details. I ordered the tambour bits 🙂

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