Transcending the language barrier

Woodworking is a universal language.  You only have to look at a website published in another language, see some of the illustrations to understand that they are talking about the same concepts, the same issues, the same solutions and the same tools the world over.

I came across Coisas de um desocupado today (roughly translated (by Google) as “Things of the Unoccupied”, with a byline “Keeping myself busy with woodworking”), who writes entries of a decent length, and speaks of his recent woodworking journey, including topics all who are getting into woodworking will find familiar.  With the power of the internet these days, just because the website is written in Portuguese is no barrier.  Visiting this link translates the site into English (or whatever your preferred language (with a slowly growing range of supported languages)) – it may not translate the whole length of the site, but it will give you a good taste.

I also know there is a autogenerating Japanese version of Stu’s Shed, and as the primary Stu’s Shed site is regularly visited from about 170 countries, many must therefore be translating my scratchings into their preferred dialect.

The power of the internet to build the global village, and we as the village carpenter (and/or the village idiot 😉 )

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