The Timber and Working with Wood Show (Melbourne) starts tomorrow, and there is a production line in the lounge tonight making up showbags!

Contents include a Festool mousepad from Ideal Tools some disposable glue brushes from Professional Woodworkers Supplies, a copy of ManSpace magazine, and a bunch of flyers of various topics. If I can get any other retailers interested at the show, I’ll try to slip some other bits n pieces in.

Only making about 200, so it is quite an exclusive group that will be able to say they have a Stu’s Shed showbag! (And I’d be surprised if anyone else has a showbag at all!)


Set up the stand today- looking forward to a fun weekend. Hope to see you all there.

2 Responses

  1. Brilliant… and all the best.

  2. Have fun at the show… great idea with the bag… very useful items…

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