The best content is original. Repeatedly re-blogging others content (look at your archives for the last 6 months) indicates you have no original ideas. I remember when Stu’s Shed was ‘great’, now it’s droll. – Sam

It was an interesting comment I received from “Sam” after posting about Michael Turri’s phenomenal work that happened to have been previously mentioned on The Wood Whisperer.  Unlike other media, apparently bloggers are only entitled to write original content, and not refer to anything someone else has commented on. Not sure why there are “Press This” and “Reblog” tools available, if not for reposting interesting content found elsewhere (or retweet for the twitterati).

However, if not for my readers this site would not exist, so you tell me what you want.

From Sam’s comment about the last 6 months, I decided to count back. 145 posts. 20 posts that I would regard as re-blogs (or primarily to embed someone else’s YouTube content).

'Droll' Content Graph

‘Droll’ Content Graph

Sam suggested I rename my blog “Wood Whisperer Reblogged”, although there has only been 1 post in the last 6 months.  There have been 8 from Lost Art Press (Chris Schwarz’s blog).

So my question is this: are you interested in me reposting interesting content when I find it, or not?  If not, it would simply have meant 20 less posts, but the real question is whether you think it degrades the whole site or not when I do so?

And just as an aside, have a look at some other sites, and see how much of their own “original” content they post.  And how much advertising they have.

“No original ideas”? Seriously?

18 Responses

  1. Just ignore him. Not everyone looks at every blog (unlike him), so it is good to get links to other sites occasionally.

  2. I don’t see any issue with reposting or even commenting on things from non web sources such as newspapers or tv. It can be frustrating as a reader to find something you’ve already seen, but I’m sure for every Sam out there, there are a whole bunch of people who have not seen the items.

  3. Non illigitamus carborundum.

  4. Stu,

    I have also noticed an increase in reblogged posts here. If I have already read them, or they don’t interest me, I simply move on to the next item in my RSS feed. By the way, I read blogs instead of magazines because I feel that blogs tend to have fresher, more original content.


  5. Stu,
    Your current format works for me.

  6. I’m big enough and ugly enough to work out what I want to read and what I don’t. I don’t follow any other blogs so I don’t even know if stuff is original or not if there is no reference. Keep up the good work Stu!

  7. I thoroughly enjoy your site. I follow you because if you feel something is interesting enough to post, I probably will too.

  8. I enjoy wood working, but I simply dont have the time to devote to it that I would like. Same gies for reading about it. I have one wood blog I subscribe to and I appreciate the effirts of stu shed in reading those blogs and relaying the interesting articles. what is even better is I get this service for free. To effort, keep it up.

  9. please continue with your current format – anything that you find interesting I also find interesting – great site – thanks Stu

  10. It seems most (including me) are happy with the way things are Stu.

  11. Agree entirely with Andrew. There’s plenty of parallel universes elsewhere for Sam to t(d)roll. Stu I check your blog daily and have done so for years and if there’s a re-post, so what, it’s highly likely I’d be interested anyway!

  12. I was going to repost the blog about your visit last week… but did not have time..lol

  13. Well it seems the verdict is in, and bar the initiator, the verdict is unanimous.

    I will continue to try to provide the best balance of content I can (with all my time constraints not withstanding!)

    Constructive criticism, and suggestions are always welcome. Derogative comments will (as always) cost the individual the opportunity to continue to contribute to this website.

    Thanks for all the positive responses btw.

  14. Stu.

    I have no problem with you reblogging. In fact your reblogs have opened up other sites that I was not aware of. Keep up your blogs I look forward to them.

    Kind regards, John Hayes

  15. Reblogs are welcome on anybody’s blog, in my opinion. Not everyone reads everyone else’s blog, if you get what I mean. It’s an opportunity to share so that others, who haven’t already seen the post, can benefit.

    Sure, I’ve noticed the odd reblog but, the quantity is insignificant compared to the amount of work you personally put in to your space.

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