If you are interested in Jet tools, there is a sale on right now for the month of Jet-tember that you will not want to miss.

Gregory Machinery (who were the previous importers of Jet Tools) appear to be selling off all their remaining stock given that CarbaTec are about to become the new importers/distributors of Jet Tools.  Not sure if the sale will be extended to other resellers of Jet (other members of the Woodman Group).



It is quite an extensive catalogue of Jet machines and parts on offer, from tablesaws, bandsaws through to clamps, fences, sanders and so forth.




This isn’t your every day run-of-the mill sale.  There are some serious (and some seriously awesome) machines and tools on offer here, at excellent prices.

This includes 20% off one of my favourite bandsaws (the JWBS-14CS), 20% off the longbed 6″ jointer I use, etc etc.  Discounts range from nothing to over 60%, with the vast majority between 20% and 30% off.

The full catalogue, including pricing and the discount is here (in PDF)  JET_tember_Pricelist

2 Responses

  1. Cheers for the heads up. Some very good specials out there!

  2. I bought a Jet Wet Stone grinder and accessories yesterday. At half price ($300) it was too hard for me to resist.

    Indeed, it would be almost impossible to justify going to a Tormek @ around $900 when the Jet is available at just $300. (I understand that the Tormek comes with the diamond wheel truing tool included whereas the Jet version costs $60 on sale but the relativities are still in the Jet’s favour.)

    Given that the Gregory Machinery show room comprises almost all Jet machinery and that even their vehicles have “JET” personalised number plates, it makes me wonder what they will have to sell after they lost the Jet franchise.

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