Yet Another Visit

Was at Masters again today (legitimate trip, buying some bolts and timber for the cot project).

Got blown away by the bolt section. There are all the usual suspects, but what I then found were the specialist drawers! I was in heaven- so many awesome types of bolt, screw, washer etc etc in all sorts of material- steel, brass, zinc coated, nylon etc.

Masters collection

Masters collection

In the photo is just one set of the cabinets of about 4! I have no idea how they intend to keep them stocked, especially now I’ve found them. Hope there isn’t too much theft too- having free access to these drawers is very cool.

I can well imagine some of these units making their way home, but they look like they’d be worth a small fortune. On the other hand, being 2 minutes away, do I really NEED them in my already crowded workshop?

(“Of Course, stupid question!” is actually the correct answer as any shed dweller will tell you!)

2 Responses

  1. Oh, Stu – you are so lucky to have a supplier like that 2 minutes from your shop. Now, if only they were open 24/7…


  2. Yup! Masters present their bolts and screws much better than Bunnings but they can be very expensive on small quantities.

    Much better to go to a small bolt and bearing specialty shop if you can.

    Screws that would have cost me $1 at Masters only cost me 18 cents at a small bolt and bearing retail shop which is happy to deal in small quantities. That latter aspect always surprises me but I have bought small quantities there a number of times and they say that they welcome it.


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