The frailty of substance

If you ask people what they like about timber, and products made from wood, there are a number of adjectives that will be common: the warmth, the texture, the feeling that the item is real – it has density, weight, a solidness.

So it is also quite disturbing that something so seemingly solid can become translucent when it becomes thin.  This characteristic has been used to great effect by designers and woodworkers over the years – even I have a few times (although not always deliberately!)

However, it can be used in stunning ways too:

These lamps are called “Wise One Pendants” from Mammalampa.

Then there is the so called “Crack Bowl Pendant Lamps” by Kwon Jae Min.  You could misinterpret the title, until seeing them in person of course!

These are not thin enough for translucency, but the features and cracks allow the light to bleed, adding to the beauty.

This same concept is used in another natural timber product – cracked log lamps by Duncan Meerding.  As featured on the blog allthatiadore.

Amazing work by some incredibly clever and imaginative designers.


4 Responses

  1. Are there instructions on how to do the trunks

    • Please….if you discover the “how”…then share it with us!!! I have an idea how I might do it….I have 30 cut logs which would be perfect!

  2. Q bonita gracia al decorar y reitilizar el tronco me gustaria una tuteria sobre como hacerla! Pag, facebook: BombonArte. Bendiciones

  3. These log lights are fantastic would live some of these but no instructions or seller! Shame

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