Some wisdom on Tool Chests from 1936! Interestingly, from another recent article on Lost Art Press, that even back in the early 30’s articles were lamenting about the loss of craftsmanship and skilled artisans.

Lost Art Press

TOOL chests are still in constant demand: if not frequently, at least steadily. It is curious, too, that no matter what the woodworker may subsequently execute, nothing affords him greater pleasure than the making of a really good tool chest for his own use. The one shown here makes no claim to being a work of art. Its two merits are its all-round usefulness and its lasting strength.

From Fig. 1 (and more particularly from the sectional elevation, Fig. 2) it will be seen that there are three drawers, or tills (A, B, G), which slide forwards and backwards on runners. The top drawer has a hinged lid (D). The saw till (E) slides up and down inside the front of chest, At Fig. 2 it is shown slightly raised.

The carcase may be of clean white deal. Yellow pine would of preferable, but the price may be considered prohibitive…

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