A very dangerous book for one’s bank balance. Not that the book will be overly expensive, but the resulting desire to source a set of moulding planes!
Here is a free download of chapter 3 of the book.

Lost Art Press

Matt Bickford’s book, “Mouldings in Practice,” sets out to remake the way you look at, cut and apply the mouldings to your projects.

It is quite unlike any other book we have ever encountered. Why? Bickford grapples with a core idea that has plagued woodworkers for generations: Cutting mouldings by hand requires years of practice, patience and the acquisition of high-level skills.

After reading this book, I think you will say about that old idea: “Wow. That’s crap.”

To kick-start your education in cutting mouldings, we are offering a free download of a critical chapter of “Mouldings in Practice.” This short chapter lays out the basic principles of the book and shows the landscape that it covers.

To download the chapter, simply click here. You don’t have to register, give up some special bodily cells or even your e-mail address.

If you like what you see and…

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