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  1. You will be disappointed – it is not cheap or warehouse as a Bunnings – more like a mitre10 on steroids. Its just like a big shop rather then an actual hardware store.

    • That pretty much mirrors where Bunnings has been going over the past 10 years, and what the Bunnings of today looks compared to the Bunnings of then.

      Went into a Masters the other day to get a key cut – it was scanned, and duplicated, and all for $2.50. I haven’t had a close look at what the range is that they stock – but it will be interesting doing the comparison.

  2. You wont be disappointed if you are buying Titebond or Gorilla glue or Bessey clamps, to name three items I was interested in.

  3. Everything I have bought at Masters was better or cheaper than a lot of other places… especially Titebond Glues… actually cheaper here than in the states…

  4. Hobbyists will be impressed with their timber range sizes down to 6.00mm finished American Red Oak, Poplar etc. All well presented and not badly priced.

    The staff are actually knowledgeable and want to help.

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