After spending quite a bit of time working on a certain project, I have quickly come to the conclusion that I don’t have a good enough set of clamps.  Sure, I have a whole collection, of various ones, and that is useful for a wide variety of jobs, but when it comes to a glueup, a whole set of identical clamps is the way to go.

Given I keep turning to the Irwin Quick Grips for so many of my small clamping needs, I need to find a good set.  My issue with the Irwins, is they tend to load up unevenly across the surface, causing the two pieces of timber to slip apart -rather undesirable when gluing up.  They also don’t give as good a feel for how much pressure is being applied, nor are they particularly powerful.  That is not to say it is all bad. I have plenty of other clamps, and yet still do turn to the Irwins for their convenience.

While passing by Carbatec yesterday, I picked up another couple of X5 clamps from Lidwig.  They are not a replacement for my main set, but again they do a good job when needed, so having a few more available was preferable.

After that though, I really wasn’t sure where to go with respect to what brand I should start consistently collecting.  Funnily enough, and you may remember that there was an article in Australian Wood Review on just this topic back in about 2009, and written by me no less.  I couldn’t remember my own outcomes, so have gone back to that article to make a decision on what to start purchasing.

I may have to drag out my second article on panel clamps to see what I thought of the K Body clamps from Bessey.

Must say, I am looking through the list (23 clamps), and not one stands out as hitting all my ideals – size, weight, quality, cost.  Hmm – more research required.

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