Alien Workshop

Saw Prometheus last week, and in a fit of despair decided to watch my Alien Quadrilogy set, to remind myself of when Ridley Scott ensured movies had a reasonable storyline, attention to detail, quality acting and directing.  Oh, and ensuring continuity from one movie to the next (at least within reason).

So when I was in my shed, I was rather bemused to see that a chestburster had decided to make its way out of my expensive antistatic Festool dust hose.

No surprise that I was experiencing an unusual amount of dust while sanding 😦

And I am sure it had nothing to do with my space heater getting too close to the unit.  Bugger.

I don’t want to patch the hose – wrapping it in duct tape does not appeal, so I got on the blower to Ideal Tools to source a replacement.  I will still use this hose, but instead of repairing it, will cut off the damaged end (moving the end connector), and use it as a second, shorter hose for when I don’t want to use the boom arm.

A frustrating, and expensive mistake.  Better not make that one twice: do not let Aliens into the workshop.

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