Well that sucks

Got an email from Lost Art Press about their new American-made T Shirts, and decided to get me a couple of those puppies, along with a couple of their books (I already have Workbenches, which unfortunately didn’t come with the DVD that you can get when ordering direct- you have to purchase it separately, if you can source it at all, and pay a premium).


Got to the checkout and went to select country. You can have USA, USA or, you guessed it, USA.

So found a tab that said International Customers, and read what it had to say


That sucks. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  1. You could ship it to my place, then throw some money my way (via paypal – about $61 USD from where I live). I’ll send it right over to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Stuart

    Get yourself a USA address with BorderLinx


  3. Hi Stuart,
    Since returning from USA & Canada I had two emails from the USPS (Postal Service) telling me they were holding a parcel for me which they could not send because of “Postal Code Error”.
    I tried to email back but their email address bounced. I found their Web site and their parcel locator service but again found two problems.
    1. the ID number of my parcel they quoted was not the correct length for their Locator Service Web page.
    2. in giving my address, my choice was of a list of USA states & of course my Zip Code was wrong.
    They did not offer anything regarding International addresses.

    I was expecting a parcel from Canada so I emailed the supplier to check my address they have. I am expecting the parcel any day.

  4. Hi stu,

    David at lie Nielsen in Adelaide carries good stock of most lost art products,


  5. The only USA drop down reminds me of the Barry Morgan’s World Of Organs website that I was laughing at the other day …… it is fun to check the nearest store with his store locator.


    Not to mention his exceptional up to 200% off store wide sale ๐Ÿ™‚

    It appeals to my warped sense of humor anyway!

  6. Stu,

    I live in Canberra and use a shipping agent (MyUS.com). Reliable, economical and with my own permanent US address.


  7. There are a couple of mobs that do post, they are based in the USA and will deliver here, but you will pay a premium. I think one is called V post Asia., no doubt if you google them you’ll work it out.

  8. Thanks for the various offers and feedback – have some good leads available.

    It is disappointing that we (who live outside the US) have to resort to these sorts of methods in some cases.

    Granted some things can be sourced from Lie Neilsen, but not all.

  9. Heh! I was just looking at ordering some things from them yesterday!

    I’ve been told that http://www.priceusa.com.au/ is very good for ordering unorderable things from overseas, maybe give them a shot.

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