All 2000+ Posts, on one page!

WordPress have updated their software so that you can now scroll to the bottom of the page, and instead of clicking next page to continue reading this website, it will automagically load the next batch of articles, ad infinitum until you have manage to read the entire website end to end!

Cool 🙂

Well that sucks

Got an email from Lost Art Press about their new American-made T Shirts, and decided to get me a couple of those puppies, along with a couple of their books (I already have Workbenches, which unfortunately didn’t come with the DVD that you can get when ordering direct- you have to purchase it separately, if you can source it at all, and pay a premium).


Got to the checkout and went to select country. You can have USA, USA or, you guessed it, USA.

So found a tab that said International Customers, and read what it had to say


That sucks. 😦

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