Shed Character

While down purchasing timber from Chris Vesper last weekend, I was also picking up some other items to add to the overall shed ambiance,

I have always found a real appeal in the workshops of old, where there were continuous power shafts, powered by a variety of means (such as waterwheel), and then with a combination of really wide leather belts and pulleys used to transfer the power to the current machine.

Chris had a really old wheel, and in this case a wooden one. Now I do 🙂


Love the clamping mechanism it uses to grip the shaft, and how it is made up of laminations.


It is now resting on a bracket off one of the shed beams.

The other I have wanted for a long time for the outside shed wall. Some of the old, really large sawblades, from a saw mill.

I know my old man has some in New Zealand, but there is a slight problem. They are in NZ! It’d cost too much to get them over. Instead, I found out Chris had some for sale, so I got a pair of similar size.



Cool huh! Well I think so 🙂

Update: Have been thinking about the position of the blades this evening, and think I’ll relocate them, with one on either door. My original plan was for them to flank the doors, but fitting them to the doors themselves is probably even better.

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