Grevillea robusta bowl

I picked up this turning blank of Silky Oak at the last Melbourne Wood Show (think it was then – not relevant really).  Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it then, but I had the idea of a wide bowl/plate idea.

Mounting the turning blank

The blank is initially mounted with a faceplate ring screwed to one face of the blank.  For this blank, I chose the 100mm faceplate.  Once screwed to the blank, it is held on a Supernova chuck with the jaws expanding into the dovetailed edge of the faceplate rim.  This ensures there is no chance of the faceplate slipping off the jaws, and as long as the screws are strong enough.

Shaping the base

The base starting to take shape – really working on the concept of a central dish area with a wide rim.  At this stage I had no idea what it would eventually look like, or if it would look ‘right’

Well, it was a clean floor…

No comment!

Finishing the underside

The base and its final shape (and finish).  The next day (as I had run out of time) the bowl was flipped over, and the top worked and shaped.

Completed bowl

I think it came up pretty well in the end.  Finish is: sanding to 500 grit, then Ubeaut EEE and finally Ubeaut Glow (shellawax).

Underside detail

A final detail for the base – an insert of crocodile leather as a bit of a surprise for anyone who turns the bowl over.

Another angle

As you change angle, you can start to see what I did with the wide rim.  Got rid of all the superfluous timber!

Edge detail

For my first larger bowl (this one is around 340mm diameter).

An interesting turning, and it wasn’t until I got it off the lathe that I knew I’d have a result at the end.  Perhaps that is a good sign – if I can be assured I will get a job, I’m not pushing my limits, especially while still learning.

I’m still a novice turner (this is bowl number 7 or 8), and make a lot of mistakes, and despite best intentions, I’m sure my tool technique is terrible!

Still love the Nova DVR XP lathe – the ability to rotate the head for this sort of operation.  Wish I had the remote control – kept having to reach over the workpiece to get to the control panel.

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