Another Torque Session

Had another (and final, at least for the current series) session at the Berwick Woodworkers Club, teaching how to use the Torque Workcentre.

This happened during “safety week”, so left posting about it at the time so as not to detract from the series of posts/quizzes for Safety Week 2012.

Same as the others, covered surfacing, drilling, rip and crosscut sawing, circle cutting, pin routing, and template copying.  Workholding gets a good mention too, and safe practices throughout.

My favourite reply to Chris’ post/response to a vitriolic attack from a ‘reader’ was this one by fairwoodworking “You’re not really famous until you have a stalker.
You’re not really a superstar until your stalkers have stalkers.”

My little collection had their commenting rights revoked, so I guess their is no chance of the stalkers getting stalkers! (But then I’m not saying I qualify as famous, so my “stalkers” are more vitriolic wannabees.

Lost Art Press

I get this sort of flack below almost every day. I usually ignore it. But in this case I want to be perfectly clear about how I work and how I have always worked.

Comment from Gary Smythe on the PW blog: I’ve been following this project from your first announcement. With all respect, your comments about not letting the price of hardware/wood be of concern are not fair. You are doing an article for a national magazine and the advantage of getting it published is that it is an expense that costs you nothing either by expense account or a tax write off. Secondly, how many donations were involved? Honestly, I wish you the best, and I’m looking forward to the article, but I bet you didn’t pay $15 for the Londonderry Catalog. I know that the $300 book on Campaign Furniture was donated to you. You are a…

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