“Don’t try this at home”

As first seen on the Ideal Tools website, check out this YouTube video of a Festool drill being put through its paces (aka torture testing).

Sand (that caused a few issues, until it was thumped out!)
Then used to mix drywall (plaster)
Then dropped into the bucket of wet plaster
And some torsion tests (bet the initial slip hurt him later!)

Ideal Tools undergoes Mitosis

And finds itself replicated across the ditch!

(For those not in the region, “crossing the ditch” refers to crossing the Tasman sea, or in other words moving between Australia and New Zealand. It implies the distance between the two countries is so small, that moving from one to the other is no further or harder than traversing a small ditch)

So in news today, Ideal Tools has launched a dedicated New Zealand website.


This provides a dedicated store in New Zealand for their Festool and Protool customers, located at www.idealtools.co.nz

This means that NZ customers can get:

Free delivery for all orders over $250.
Rapid shipment from Auckland to all over New Zealand (rather than being shipped from Melbourne, if NZ customers were purchasing from the Australian site in the past).
A local 0800 phone number for sales and support
New Zealand specific woodworking articles and discussion, specials and product offers

Thought you might be interested to know!
Australian website is still www.idealtools.com.au

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