It came from Cyberspace

Now I am going to take a small amount of credit for this, not a lot but just a little. So in doing so, I also hope that it works out as well – the peril of enthusiasm!

Last time I spoke with the editors of Australian Wood Review, in particular about their archiving to DVD of previous issues, I strongly encouraged them to consider getting their magazine into the App store, and onto the Newsstand. (And to go and buy an iPad for themselves!) And guess what? They have!


For an individual issue price of $5, or an annual subscription of $17, you can have the Wood Review downloaded directly to your iPad.



And it is very cool. You can get issue 68 for free as a trial, which I did (and then subscribed anyway!). Flicked through a few pages, and found my own mug staring back at me from an article I had forgotten I had written.



You can read it in portrait mode (page at a time), or landscape which looks more like the original magazine layout, depending on your eyesight. Of course, it is on an iPad, so multifinger swipes, zoom etc is all possible.


So for a look, head to the App store, download the free app for Wood Review, and then preview any issues you want to purchase, download the free trial issue, and subscribe if inspired. (For pocket change I found resistance was futile!)


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