Coming to a Newsagent (or a letterbox) Near You

The magazine is going from strength to strength: even from an insider perspective it would be fair to say that it is maturing nicely. The cover this month looks great, and really lifts with the selective varnishing.

I have another 3 articles in this edition, and I’m particularly pleased with them. The editor does a great job turning my raw text and photos into a finished, formatted product. It is always a leap of faith to hand over articles to someone else to make the final decisions in editing: what photos are used, and how, what text survives and what hits the editing floor.

This month, subscribers have a chance to win a small edition (uh… I meant addition…talk about a Freudian slip!) to their space, so long as they can best explain (photographically) where it would fit….


Must be about the last one not in captivity: not for much longer!

The mag is still $6.95, or $5 for subscribers. Not bad for pocket change!

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