PWS Sale

Professional Woodworkers Supplies is currently having a stocktake sale with some really decent savings. They are meant to only be available to their subscribers (those who have chosen to sign up fir their emailed newsletter), but this time they are also being made available to Stu’s Shed readers.

The page of their stocktake sale items is here.

Their current newsletter (which also lists the sales items) is here.

Check out the idea of “Bird’s Beak Shelving” – very interesting concept indeed!

Some of the standout items from the sale (and these are ones that appeal to me, or are particularly heavily discounted) are:

Custom Steak Knives
$40.00, down from $87.50

There are a couple of other knives available, also for around 1/2 price. These make good gifts, both as projects for woodworkers, and as completed items with custom-made handles.

Pro router top (fence & insert seen in photo not included)
$75, down from $175

I’m not positive, but I think this top was designed to fit on top of the Triton router table. These discounted tops may not- the hole may have been cut into the wrong location for that purpose – ask PWS if that is your specific intention.


There are a couple of Incra rules (these are awesome for accuracy – check my article on accuracy here

Incra Guaranteed Squares are also significantly down in price (these are nice squares, good weight, very accurate).

The Router Table Free-Hand Guard is also on sale, down to $30. These are excellent for any router table, providing guarding, dust extraction and freehand start support (it significantly decreases a chance of a kickback if you have some form of starting post to rest the workpiece against, and rotate it into the cutter when freehand routing)

I’ve adapted mine with MagSwitch magnets for my cast iron router table, but there are plenty of other ways of mounting the guard, depending on your router table type.

So have a look through the list: there are plenty of decent deals in there.

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