Deja Vu in orange

Hope you are not holding anything liquid above your keyboard right now: I guess you are already sitting down!

I have a new addition for the shed (although it won’t be a permanent setup, but one bought in when required):


Bet you never saw that coming!

I was putting the table together today, and was again struck (as I was when I first came across Triton), by the quality of the engineering design, and the manufacturing (understanding, and given the limitations of pressed steel).

The amount of thought that went into the product, the design concepts: superb. It is good to have had a chance to put a unit together again: reminded me of what attracted me to Triton in the first place.


The fence is a big part of the innovations: from the adjustable (& removable) hold-downs…


The moveable fences, which can also have shims inserted behind. I remember when the spring-loaded fence attachments were released as an upgrade, making setting the fence position so much easier than it was previously.



The guard, which doubles as a freehand router post and dust clearance is also clever in its simplicity, and ability to be detacted and fitted directly to the table top.


The microadjusters, allowing 1/10mm adjustment to the fence position, and also for creating rebates and rabbets the exact thickness of a board, without the use of a rule or caliper.



This is the upgraded base- allows the Triton router to be quickly mounted and removed without additional clamps. Remember when that upgrade came out as well!

So not sure where all this will lead. More Triton content probably! We’ll see what comes next.

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