Retro – Wood Style

Not long after watching the 1984 George Lewin and his videocassette player, I saw this retro Nintendo controller on Marc Spagnuolo’s Twitter.

A coffee table that has been made to also work as a real controller for a Nintendo game machine!

Beautifully done, and yours for a meer $3500.

More details if you follow that link, or this one to Tech-Stew


When not in use as a game controller, it still works well as a coffee table, with a glass top. Love the retro legs on it- very suitable for the vintage!



Just been watching the video posted below a bit closer- if you haven’t looked yet, just the start is hilarious!

Not only George Lewin being so young, but the whole section on locating your videocassette recorder in the workshop to be able to watch the tape while working!  Check out the player itself, from 1984 (and the old TV), and the instructions on how to use the machine safely- the guard to protect the player from dust, with a suitable gap for air flow.

“If you are not able to take the player to your workshop, turn it sufficiently so it is up against a window inside the house, so you can see it from the driveway, and you can listen to it through a partially open window”


I’m sure there will be plenty of other gems, but that one was particularly noteworthy 🙂

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