A few quick wipes

I was in the process of fine tuning my Torque Workcentre setup for some surfacing (continuing on from last weekend’s Ballarat Wood Show, and the workbench repurpose), when I was again struck by the significant difference in appearance between the heavily weathered redgum and the as surfaced, and the as-finished result.


The bottom slab is as it has been, spending the past 2 years at least outdoors in the elements, and a lot more prior to that before the workbench was made.

The middle slab has had a couple of passes with the overhead router.

The top has gone straight from the Torque Workcentre (surfacing cutter) to having a finish applied, in this case the quite remarkable (and very easy/straight-forward) Festool Surfix finishing system (from Ideal Tools)

I need to redo the finish- it was a rush-job done at the show as a bit of a demo, but with a bit more time, care and dust control it’ll look spectacular, and it gives the redgum some incredible depth of colour.


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