Step back in time

There are many small townships dotted around the state: I’m sure I have only seen a smattering of them, but even so, Clunes stood out as one just a little more unique than many.

Unlike those that appear to be managing as a tourist destination, preserved to appear frozen in time, Clunes seems to be one that isn’t frozen, but is genuinely old.

20120410-004822.jpg (From the website)

The drive in has some really pretty scenes, old bridges, historic buildings, mature trees, scenic river, but it is the main street that really catches the eye.

When was the last time you saw a street this wide?


There are a fair few second-hand bookshops in the main drag- probably a good thing seeing as the entire town is going to become “Booktown” for an annual event! Tens of thousands of second hand books will be available. Lots of guest speakers and events. Guess it is a good thing the street is so wide!!

There are lots of other shop fronts as well, many seemingly surviving on a wing and a prayer, or less (but perhaps not too…)





It is also a “Safer Place” for bushfires, but check out the Vic Gov(?) disclaimer


Some woodworking-related aspects: there is a small woodworking outlet in the main street, and some antiques/old goods stores.




In the local photographer’s shop (an ex-photojournalist for the Age), a really old TV (sadly sans screen) caught my eye


You do have to wonder about the expected rainfall with gutters so wide and deep, you need a bridge to get across them!


Perhaps something to do with the vehicles of choice from the goldrush era




Wish I’d had more time in the end, there are so many photographs waiting to be discovered there. And I wouldn’t have minded more of a forage through some of the artifacts of the gold rush era, particularly the woodworking ones.

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