Unpowered Woodworking

Went camping recently- you know, the whole hog. Tent, sleeping bags, cold nights, the whole works.

Thought I’d be conscientious and take some hand tools, some chip carving knives, a dovetail marking gauge (the one from Australian Wood Review as it happens), a marking knife (Chris Vesper), and dovetail saw (Veritas).

Thought I’d try some traditional work while I was away, without power, shed, or my normal collection of tools and accessories.

It was not a profitable experience. I am, it seems, no more or less a dyed in-the-wool electron murderer. If it doesn’t have a power lead, I struggle.

Doesn’t mean I don’t wish to be better with traditional tools and techniques, and I admire those who persevere and become proficient with them. Wish that included me, but climbing that learning curve unguided just isn’t.

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